This is not the person who is not interested in the mysterious streets of history. The necessity of this subject is a vital necessity. Like all interesting subjects, mastering history and achieving good results is not an easy task. For this you need to fight. Because there is so much information in history that this system requires systematization and training.

The training center “Registan” history is taught on the basis of new rules. It:

In our training center the history is taught in two different programs.

This 7-month program is for those who have certain knowledge;
This is a 9-month program for those who are not seriously engaged in science.
The first program provides students with experience in the field of science. It focuses on mind and memory.

In the second program, those who did not study history were seriously instructed. They will not suffer from a lot of information. Because in the Registan training center this science is based on various logical questions, intellectual games and excellent tests.

Both programs are taught in questions and answers. The speed of question and answer is the basis of consolidation of intellect and memory. At the end of this stage, applicants will be able to continue studying the topics that they study through testing. They also conduct weekly test sessions on Sunday and monthly tests at the end of each month.

History, eyelids and years of history, rulers and places can be distracting. To overcome these difficulties, we present you with a new rule called “Six keys to understanding history:

1. Pay special attention to the information shared by commas (terms, professions, conclusions, tribes, etc.). Because many test questions are created using these consecutive expressions. In this case, you can memorize them in several ways. They are as follows:

a) Recognize the similarity of form. That is, through initial letters, for example, in the early middle ages, water structures such as a water mill, a caterpillar and a charchpalak were discovered. To remember the names of these water structures, you need to pay attention to capital letters. It is easy to remember that the caterpillar and fungus begin with the same letter.

b) Recognition by logical similarity. In this case, we must compare historical events. For example, Osiris, king of ancient Egypt, was killed by his brother Seth. Similar similarities can be seen in the life of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. He was also killed by Brother Brutus. We can perfectly study history, if historical events, events and periods are connected by the same logical connection.

2. Also pay close attention to what was said in words and phrases, accompanied by words and phrases, for example, at the same time, especially at the highest level, the peak of its development. For example, in the Middle Ages, Chinese artists created their best works of art in silk, paper, wood and stone. The art of painting has increased dramatically.

3. Comparison of centuries, years and periods with a familiar phenomenon, their comparison and recording, and a reminder of events that occurred at the same time. So, our schedule schedule will help you pretty much.

4. The repetition of the story is as follows.

Repetition should be based on a clear schedule and regularity;
It is important not just to read the topics, but to be in the form of questions and answers with a partner;
It is also very effective to repeat these topics on the basis of a solution.
5. The description of the political map of the world is crucial for the precise definition of events, such as military actions, trade relations and occupation areas. This is due to the fact that memories of blindly ignoring the locations of countries can not be stored in memory. In particular, the Byzantine Empire (the Balkans, Anatolian, partly Caucasian, Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Cypriot and Cretan islands) emerged at the end of the 4th century, the eastern Mediterranean, and the island is very important to represent.

6. Pay attention to all information and write down important laptops such as Year, Age, Personality, Reason, End, Location, etc. Move memory, focusing attention. Here are the keywords that should be considered. The effect of repetition with keywords.

The above provisions have so far turned many students into students. We invite everyone to study the mysterious science! Come, participate and become a student! Hurry, because the number of seats is limited!

The training center “Registan” receives applicants on a test basis. With the help of the site you can register.

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