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About us

Everyone who visited the city of Samarkand, coming to the Registan Square, hastens to see the world famous madrasahs. During the examination of the madrasah, they are amazed to learn about the thousands of people who studied and educated in these great walls. The circle of our today’s topic includes a story about the history and activity of a functioning in the city of Tashkent and corresponding to the name of such a historical place, the training center “Registan”.

Given the fact that there are a lot of excellent training centers in our country, each of our educational center's students builds the history of that institution. If you want to stay in our history, be careful, let's go to the main topic.

Changes your life choices. So first determine your goal and start the action!

Parents are informed of their children's educational level The results of the monthly testing examinations at the Training Center will be announced on Parents can check the outcomes of their children through the site's or test organizer's specific sms notifications. At the same time, students of the training center can test at any time to get their level of knowledge. You just need to apply for a special test section.

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REGISTON Uchtepa filiali

Toshkent shahar, Uchtepa tumani, Lutfiy ko'chasi, 65 A uy.
Farhod bozori, "O`zbegim taomlari"

+99893 536 27 00
+99890 952 27 00

Toshkent shahar, Uchtepa tumani, Lutfiy ko'chasi, G9-A mavzesi, 2A uy

+99890 938 65 00
+99894 610 65 00

REGISTON Chilonzor filiali

Toshkent shahar, Chilonzor tumani, Kichik xalqa yo`li 6/1
"Turon bank", Chilonzor metro bank.

+99894 602 33 44
+99890 356 20 04